Learn Engraving with Carla Hagan

Carla Hagan Designs has teamed with the Ink.Academy to produce

Calligraphy Influenced Glass Engraving

A 3-day intensive class for experienced calligraphers

Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14, 2018
The Berkley City Club • Berkley, California

This class is intended for experienced calligraphers who will learn how to use a micro-motor engraver to create engraved art. Instructor Carla Hagan (a Calligrafile Core Contributor!) will focus on translating students’ calligraphy skills from pen-and-paper to drill-and-glass on a variety of surfaces, including liquor and perfume bottles.

Students will learn to engrave on glass, metal, agate, and other surfaces using a quiet, low speed, low vibration, rechargeable drill. Your skills will quickly transform as you use your newfound writing instrument to translate your calligraphy style from paper to glass. Under the skilled hand of calligrapher and engraver, Carla Hagan, students will learn how to operate, hold and manipulate the drill to create the thicks and thins of traditional calligraphy using a dental drill.

By the end of the weekend, students will possess the basic skills needed to start producing produce beautiful artwork and personalized merchandise. Those students looking to expand their business offerings by incorporating engraving can look forward to our evening breakout session where we discuss The Business of Calligraphy and Engraving.

By the end of this class, you will be comfortable enough to make beautiful, personalized gifts and expand your business by offering engraving along with calligraphy services.

Carla Hagan is a professional calligrapher based in West Palm Beach, Florida. With over eleven years of professional calligraphy experience, Carla jumped into the engraving scene three years ago. With a few months of practice, she was able to learn how to transform her calligraphy hand to glass engraving. Carla has since built a vast network of engraving clients including Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, Josh Wines, Redemption, Cartier, Louboutin, and Chanel. She is also regularly hired to engrave at on-site corporate and wedding events. The engraving side of Carla’s business quickly became much more profitable than the traditional calligraphy offerings of envelopes, place cards, and the like. On average a engraver with experience and a trained hand can earn $125/ hour and up!



This three-day class curriculum features an intensive, hands-on approach to learning. Carla will share her knowledge of the most effective engraving tools and supplies and of course safety. Then we will dive right into the basics of glass engraving, getting comfortable with the operation of the micro-motor and drill, burr rotation, and the different burrs available to use.

Next, we will get into engraving design and be working on bottles of various shapes and sizes. Then, of course, engraving while writing on a curved surface. Carla will be sharing how to avoid mistakes and, when necessary, how to ‘fix’ mishaps.


Professional Engraving Kit (Included in Class Price)

This kit normally retails for $750.00 USD and is included in the class pricing. Ink.Academy will be providing all kit materials to class participants.

  • Cordless micro-motor drill

  • Collet

  • Burrs

  • Safety goggles or glasses

  • Mask

  • White pencil

  • Pillow cradle and putty

  • Duster brush

  • Wax

  • Brushes for wax

  • Small spray bottle