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Portfolio Templates

Creative Market Themes
Website themes and templates created by designers around the world for various platforms, including Wordpress and Tumblr

Squarespace — Highly Recommended
Simple web design templates, great for online portfolios and e-shops

A vast array of themes, templates and plugins for various platforms

Simple web design templates, great for online portfolio design and e-shops

Squarespace Tools

Code snippets and plug-ins including one for making a multi-lingual website

Square Plugins — Highly Recommended
Easy to use plugins for Squarespace sites

Squarespace Code Shop
Code snippets at reasonable prices for various add-on functions

Square Design Guild — Highly Recommended
A community learning space and resource guide for Squarespace programmers and users; great place to learn Squarespace skills, find a designer/programmer, or showcase your own design work

Squarespace Tutorials
Nice and simple lessons from Elle & Co.

Online Shop Storefronts

Creative Market — Highly Recommended
Open a storefront on this online marketplace to sell downloadable goods

Etsy — Highly Recommended
Many creative sellers open Etsy shops in place of or in addition to shops integrated with their websites

Etsy Studio — Highly Recommended
Set up shop to sell raw supplies and tools; also a great place to shop for supplies!

Online sales platform for creatives; sell physical, downloadable, or subscription content

More for photographers than lettering artists, but still relevant to the creative freelancer, this is a professional sales tool for stunning client galleries and online sales

Video Hosting

Great for embedding customized video players in your website, send video thumbnails via email, or share on social media; free and paid plans available

Vimeo — Highly recommended
An industry favorite for a reason; very robust and reliable; free and paid plans available

Teaching Platforms

Create and sell online courses by building a branded course website, setting your own prices, and tracking the analytics

Create and sell online courses by building a branded course website, setting your own prices, and tracking the analytics

ThinkificHighly recommended
Create and sell online courses and membership sites by building a branded course website, setting your own prices, and tracking the analytics

Photo & Graphic Tools

Adobe Color
Free service for creating cohesive color palettes

Adobe Spark
Create social graphics and animated videos in minutes with this online software and mobile app

Design social media graphics, web banners, presentations, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. Free and paid plans available. Also available as an app for iOS.

Color palette generator with features like pulling color schemes from photos you upload and integrating with Photoshop. Press the spacebar to generate color schemes at random

Foto Rx | Shopkeeper's Helper — Highly recommended
Super easy Photoshop actions for production photography; a fantastic time-saver for bloggers and e-shop owners from the founders of Besotted Blog

Foto Rx | First Aid Kit — Highly recommended
"A cure for the common capture," these Photoshop actions turn photography from lifeless to artistic, without being overly "Photoshopped" looking; from the founders of Besotted Blog

Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel — Highly recommended
The world's first and best automated lettering clean-up tool, taking you from paper to pixel in seconds; great even for users with no Photoshop skills; from the founders of Besotted Blog

Pixlr — Highly Recommended
Basically an online and mobile Photoshop; easy to use

Easy, online graphic design software specifically for social media, blogs, and e-newsletters

Wallpaper 1-Click Generator
Generates desktop and mobile backgrounds for 33 devices in a few simple clicks; requires Adobe Photoshop

Wedding Websites

Appy Couple — Highly Recommended
One-time, up-front fee for lifetime access; modern site designs with matching app and easy set-up; send save the dates, thank you notes, and mass emails

The Knot Wedding Websites
Free; integrates with other The Knot features like budget planning, checklist, community forums, and registry

Hundreds of free wedsites, each of which has matching printed invitation suites available through Minted

Riley & Grey
Pay per month or per year; offers many templates designed by stationers with who you can coordinate your paper goods; price includes custom domain

Yes, Squarespace has wedding websites too. These simple templates are designed to make wedsite layout clean and easy

Wedding Wire
Free; hundreds of site designs to customize; includes WedSocial app for photo sharing; 

Zola — Highly Recommended
100% free and customizable wedsite with robust app for iOS and Android, integrated registry, and guest list/RSVP function; lovely and modern templates; easy set-up

Web Fonts

Explore more font websites in our Downloadables archive.

Google Fonts — Highly Recommended
Fonts to use on your website or download to your computer for free

The League of Moveable Type
A curated collection of web-safe fonts, free to use and download

A free desktop app for downloading and managing fonts from the cloud

Typekit — Highly Recommended
A subscription service bringing thousands of beautiful fonts into one library for quick browsing, easy use on the web, or in applications. Available for free to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers

Free inspirational web font combinations with color palettes and ready-to-use HTML/CSS code

Webfonts from MyFonts
License beautiful fonts for use on your website, paying a one-time fee per font, rather than a monthly subscription

Domain Hosts

Affordable domain names, custom email addresses, website design tools, and Wordpress integration

Affordable domain names, custom email addresses, website design tools, and Wordpress integration

Google Domains  — Highly Recommended
Affordable domain names, custom email addresses, and website design tools

Web Design Help

Award-winning web design inspiration

CreativeMarket Blog — Highly Recommended
Photoshop tutorials for bloggers

Don’t Fear The Internet
Basic CSS and HTML for non-web designers

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to The Web
A guide to creating excellent online typography, based on Robert Bringhurst’s book, The Elements of Typographic Style

Envato Market — Highly Recommended
Shop for third-party themes, plugins, and more

RGB vs CMYK vs Pantone
A great article that clearly and simply explains the difference between color spaces

Site Inspire
A repository of beautiful, elegant web design, searchable by subject matter, platform, and style

Square Design Guild
An online community and learning space for Squarespace designers; browse other Squarespace sites for inspiration, find a designers, or purchase tutorial videos

Unicode Character Table
The complete unicode character sets for many languages; useful for adding symbols like arrows, stars, hearts, and object to live text.


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