The Best Brush Lettering Supply

Above is a little real time GIF Michelle created cleaning up Kal Barteski’s iconic lettering. Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel really is this fast to clean up your lettering and illustrations! Just a few quick clicks and basic Photoshop knowledge is needed (basic like, how to open your file). It’s oh-so satisfying to watch the lettering be transformed from paper to digital, but still maintain its wonderful quirky hand, ready to use in your next project. This is how you up your lettering game friends.

We thought we would end Brush Lettering week with a bang (and a few more goodies for you)! We know that you are going to need some supplies so Paper Ink Arts, the veritable emporium for lettering supplies will be donating one $50 Gift Certificate!  This is plenty good to get you started with the basics-a brush, brush pen, ink or gouache and paper! Once you have gotten your brush on and have been lettering like crazy you are probably going to want to start sharing it on your site/blog, creating all sorts of crazy good graphics with it for Pinterest or other social media or maybe you might even want to try you hand at getting your lettering onto some custom products for yourself or for resale. In that case you are going to need to have the easiest and fastest way to get you lettering from paper to pixel and that is Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel!

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