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Stationery Printers

Collected here are printers that are available throughout the entire United States (and also do some shipping abroad). I still highly recommend finding a local printer whenever you can.

Letterpress studio; Paris, France

Boxcar Press
Custom letterpress plate manufacturer based in the U.S.

Czar Press — Highly recommended
Top-notch letterpress printer; located in California, U.S. but ships internationally

Greener Printer
Eco-friendly online printer; prints on kraft paper; ships within the U.S.

Imprimerie de Paris
Letterpress studio; Paris, France

Imprimerie du Marais
Letterpress studio; Paris, France

Inker Linker
Database for finding local letterpress, offset, digital, and screen printers in the U.S.

Printer with an exceptional range of business card options; based in the U.S. and Canada but ships internationally

Letterpress de Paris
Letterpress studio; Paris, France

Mama's Sauce
A spot color print shop offering custom letterpress, hot foil, and screen printing; based in Florida, U.S.

Mohawk Connects
Database for finding all types of printers

Moo U.S.  /  Moo U.K.  /  Moo E.U.  /  Moo Australia — Highly recommended
Especially great for business card printing and promotional materials; $15 off your first order on the U.S. site with this link.

Overnight Prints
Decent quality for very fast turnarounds on low budget jobs; based in the U.S. but ships internationally

Paper Culture
A wide array of modern, semi-custom stationery and greeting cards; based in the U.S. — Highly recommended
A versatile online printing company; based in the U.K. but ships internationally

Printswell Fulfillment
Mass producer of custom stationery, perfect for creating your own stationery line! Only ships within the U.S.

Unique business cards with features like silk and suede finishing, laser cutting, spot UV, foil, and printing on plastic

Printing for stationery and a range of products including wrapping paper and notepads; ships only within the U.S.

Adobe Add-Ons
Plug-ins and extensions for Adobe CC; some free, others paid

Adobe Color
Free service for creating cohesive color palettes

Coolers — Highly recommended
Color palette generator with features like pulling color schemes from photos you upload and integrating with Photoshop. Press the spacebar to generate color schemes at random

Fonts in Use
A simple but inspirational site telling you what fonts were used in real designs

Foto Rx | Shopkeeper's Helper — Highly recommended
Super easy Photoshop actions for production photography; a fantastic time-saver for bloggers and e-shop owners from the founders of Besotted Blog

Foto Rx | First Aid Kit — Highly recommended
"A cure for the common capture," these Photoshop actions turn photography from lifeless to artistic, without being overly "Photoshopped" looking; from the founders of Besotted Blog

InDesign Secrets
An invaluable resource for learning the nitty-gritty tools and tricks of Adobe InDesign

Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets
Download keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for most major design software

Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel — Highly recommended
The world's first and best automated lettering clean-up tool, taking you from paper to pixel in seconds; great even for users with no Photoshop skills; from the founders of Besotted Blog

Pantone Color Swatch Books
For precise color-matching and printing, these are essential!

RGB vs CMYK vs Pantone
A great article that clearly and simply explains the difference between color spaces

Wordmark.It — Highly recommended
A website that accesses all the fonts on your computer and lets you easily browse any text you input in all your fonts


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