Photoshop for Lettering Artists: The Class

After much toil + tribulation, with a healthy does of enthusiasm thrown in we are so pleased (and proud) to be able to announce our class: Photoshop for Lettering Artist on Skillshare!

When we were choosing what class to create (we have ideas for so many more) we really kept coming back to a huge void for lettering artists. Of course there are classes, very, very in-depth classes for digitizing your lettering, but there was nothing out there for a complete Photoshop novice. After all, if you are lettering you may enjoy the very organic and tangible process of lettering and the thought of computers and a very daunting graphic design program may seem near impossible a challenge or something that you feel you have no passion for.

It’s so hard to learn a skill, even one that is needed without a spark for it. It’s a conundrum, because now that your lettering skills have started to flourish you want to share your work with the world, you want to make things with it and you have one very big elephant in the room – Photoshop. We hope that we have made this class as simple and comprehensive as possible, we are utilizing the immersion method and jumping right in, teaching you only the things you will need to know to get the job done. We want you in and out of Photoshop, sharing your work and back to lettering as soon as possible! We hope this class gives you the skills and confidence to do just that.

Enrollment in the class means you'll also get a PDF download which is basically a textbook version of the class for you! It is beautifully designed, written in very simple and comprehensible language, with plenty of visual examples