Book by Its Cover

It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.

I love Liam Stevens lettering and his interpretation of the Peter Pan book cover, so simple but still magical! I recently re-read Peter Pan (Peter & Wendy) and let me tell you it was so different from it’s Disney counterpart. It’s certainly not p.c. by any stretch of the imagination but if you can get through that and the idea that it was written another lifetime ago there is still a lot of the magic in there. One of my favorites parts that I did not remember was that the kids Wendy, John and Michael had a nanny that was a dog, I find that super endearing. There are plenty of wonderful quotes that you’ll find yourself wanting to highlight, one of them though is oft cited on Pinterest and the interwebs but is not the same as in the original book, I found myself wondering if the Disney version changed it.

If anyone out there is a designer/illustrator and a bibliophile that is feeling in a rut, I think re-interpreting your favorite books as an exercise would not only be something invigorating but great as a portfolio building exercise!

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