Contributor Younghae Chung's workshop; photo by Erin J. Saldana

Calligrafile is home to the internet's largest index of calligraphy guilds and associations, spanning twenty-five countries in six continents.

Extra special thanks goes to Core Contributor Joy Deneen for her diligent work in compiling these lists! Thanks also to Summit Scribes and The Society of Scribes & Illuminators. Contact us if you know of a guild not listed here.


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Calligraphy Guilds & Associations


United States & Canada

Michigan Association of Calligraphers (Birmingham)
Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild (Kalamazoo)

The Colleagues of Calligraphy (St. Paul)

St. Louis Calligraphy Guild

Big Sky Scribes
Bridger Mountain Scribes of Montana

The Fabulous Las Vegas Scribes

New Mexico
Escribiente Calligraphy Society (Albuquerque)

New York
Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild
Society of Scribes (New York City)

North Carolina
Carolina Lettering Arts Society (Fairview)
Triangle Calligraphers Guild (Raleigh)

Calligraphy Guild of Columbus
Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers’ Guild

Calligraphy Guild of Oklahoma (Tulsa)
Sooner Scribes (Oklahoma City)

The Calligraphers’ Guild (Ashland)
Capital Calligraphers (Salem)
Portland Calligraphy Society
Valley Calligraphy Guild (Eugene)

Calligrapher’s Guild of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh
Philadelphia Calligraphers’ Guild

Memphis Calligraphy Guild
Nashville Calligraphers’ Guild

Capital City Scribes (Austin)
Fort Worth Calligraphers Guild
Houston Calligraphy Guild
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society
San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild
Texas Lettering Arts Council
Waco Calligraphy Guild

Utah Calligraphic Artists

Washington D.C. / Virginia
The Washington Calligrapher’s Guild

Meito Shodo-Kai Calligraphy Association
Nib ‘N’ Inks (Tacoma)
Peninsula Scribes (Seguim)
Scripts & Scribes (Liberty Lake)
The Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting (Bellevue)
Tacoma Calligraphy Guild
Write On Calligraphers (Edmonds)

Cream City Calligraphers

Calligraphy Programs, Conferences & Retreats

Cheerio Calligraphy Centre
These week-long retreats are held twice a year in North Carolina (USA), led by world-renowned calligraphers and book artists.

European Lettering Institute
Located in Bruges (Belgium), this institute offers a three year professional training course in calligraphy and digital lettering design as well as short term courses and workshops. 

Ghost Ranch
This retreat center in Abiquiu, New Mexico (USA) often offers calligraphy workshops as well as a summer program. 

International Lettering Arts Conference
This annual conference changes names and locations each year. The 2018 conference is called Seattletters and will be held in Bellingham, Washington (USA).  

IAMPETH Convention
The 2017 convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).  Membership to IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) is required, and scholarships are available each year. 

Ink Academy
Located in Berkeley, California (USA), this academy offers an Academic Series, Master-Student Study and À La Carte Workshops with Master Penmen and Penwomen from around the globe. 

Letterfest, All Oregon Calligraphy Conference
A one-day regional gathering of calligraphers and lettering artists sponsored by the Portland Society for Calligraphy (USA).

Letters California Style
A members conference organized by the Society for Calligraphy, Southern California (USA).

Letters of Joy
An annual two-day conference in Seattle, Washington (USA), including a keynote speaker and a large selection of classes.

Spencerian Saga
Led by Harvest Crittenden, this week long program in Spencerian Script takes place at Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio (USA).  It is open to anyone with an interest in vintage penmanship, from beginners to advanced students. 

Calligraphy Scholarships

Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund
This fund provides financial assistance to those wishing to further their knowledge of calligraphy and its related arts through attending workshops, lectures, classes, or international, regional and local conferences. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

IAMPETH Scholarship Fund
Three convention scholarships are awarded to IAMPETH members each year: local, general and international. The application period closes near the end of each calendar year. 

The Tate Grant
The funds from this grant are used towards IAMPETH convention fees, the Spencerian Saga or towards the purchase of supplies and tools necessary to enhance the recipient's calligraphic skills.  The application period closes near the end of each calendar year. 


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