Digitize Your Lettering in 5 Seconds Flat

Want to get your lettering/calligraphy from paper to pixel? We are talking about being able to use it for web and printing! Then keep reading friends!

Lettering Rx is the world's first and best automated lettering clean-up tool. Go from paper to pixel in seconds! If you have zero to limited Photoshop skills but want to get your lettering (or illustrations) digitized and online, then you need Lettering Rx! If you are a Photoshop whiz but still want to have time to enjoy your life, then Lettering Rx is for you!

The Lettering Rx set includes 25 Photoshop actions that will help you clean-up a scan or smartphone photo of your lettering, allowing you to share pristine lettering with the world.

Lettering Rx offers a 'one click' option, but for those who want more control, we have 'optional advanced editing actions' too, so you can perfect your clean-up. With the Photoshop brush action, you can place your lettering on any image your heart desires. (This is perfect for creating product mock-ups!) If you are looking to take your lettering to the next level and want a way to easily showcase your work, then there's no question that you need to add this to your lettering tool kit pronto!

Here's a preview of Lettering Rx in action!

What you will receive in your download:

  • A set of 25 premium Photoshop actions for one click editing goodness + complete (easy) editing control.
  • Our 17-page PDF which has descriptions and samples of all of the actions in umm, action!
  • Links to tutorials for most commonly used Photoshop tasks to best use your actions.

Sample lettering provided by Tristan B.,Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls & Coco And Mingo.